Gain a visible edge in Business and Social Situations

Understand the power of personal appearance and create desired impressions

Why Image Management?

People form their opinion of a stranger within 3 seconds of setting their eyes on the person. Further, research has proven that a major part of the message that you communicate is visual. Given these facts, the image you project is the strong force that influences people’s perception

Individual Solutions

Image Matters as people make judgments and assumptions based on limited information. It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life.

Corporate Solutions

Image Management (IM) is about reinforcing the people’s Presentation capabilities, Self Confidence and Identity through Image Management Techniques (IMT) and thereby enhancing the feel good factor of an individual, group or institution/corporate. Image Management operates on the premise that in the competitive environment encompassing every conceivable sphere of activity viz social, professional or business context, […]

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