Why Image Management?

People form their opinion of a stranger within 3 seconds of setting eyes on them. Further, research has proven that 80% of the message that you communicate is visual. Given these facts, the image you project is the strong force that influences people’s perception of your personality, values, financial success, authority, and trustworthiness, and intelligence, suitability for hire or promotion. This in turn affects their behavior towards you for complying with your request, trusting you with information, giving you access, paying you a certain salary or fee, hiring you or purchasing your product. Similarly, our image has a significant impact on our happiness by affecting the development of friendships and relationships.

It is therefore essential to create a positive first impression, on personal, professional and social fronts, by managing your image.

What is Image Management?

Image Management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others. The concept of image management applies to anyone who needs to improve self image, self confidence, capability and credibility.  It is creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image.

How does an Image Consultant help?

An Image Consultant helps people to improve their appearance and manner in personal, social and professional situations. This is done through a process of evaluating your personal style and evolving suitable techniques to enhance your positive aspects and to counter your negative aspects. As the Image Consultant guides you through the process and coaches you on enhancing your appearance to meet various lifestyle goals, you become increasingly confident and project a powerful image which brings forth desired impressions.

Benefits of Image Management:

·    Imparts knowledge on managing the elements of image – dressing,  grooming, body language and etiquette

·   Guides you to dress with substance and style

·   Creates awareness of your positive aspects and skills to enhance the same to your advantage

·   Brings about a visible change or transformation in appearance and  manner

·   Empowers you to reflect / project a confident and powerful image

·   Helps you exercise greater control over impressions you create through enhanced dressing, grooming, body

language and  etiquette

·   Enhances social skills and networking capabilities due to increased confidence levels

·   Inculcates better shopping skills and wardrobe management within affordable budget

·   Brings out the ‘inner YOU’ in an authentic and attractive manner, so your positive Image projection becomes

a permanent process

Creating a positive first impression is very important and this will determine whether you will have an opportunity to create a second impression or not. Image management is the need of the hour. Reach out for your new image now.